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You, sweet girl, YOU.

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The car door slammed shut. Her head bowed. I turned the key, we started to make our way home. Tears began to tumble down gently off your cheek as you buckled the seatbelt — a pang of worry echoed in my belly. I said, “Honey, what’s going on?” But you couldn’t speak. Quietly, you sobbed beside me.  I held out my hand – you reached for it and held on tight.

When you cry, I feel your pain.
I know how hard you try.
You put on your brave, all the while your tender heart, fragile.
You’re a damn good friend. There isn’t a measuring stick in the universe that can describe how much I admire you for that.

When that new girl came to school, you invited her to sit with you at lunch among your friends because “there’s plenty of room for everyone at the table, mom.”  And that weekend, you asked her over to our house.
You told that other girl at recess “It’s not nice” on Amber’s behalf. You were so proud of yourself. You’re brave like that. 

You called Samantha up when she you learned her dog died even though calling someone up to talk on the phone isn’t your favorite thing to do.

“If there is way to help a friend, I'd do it,” you declared to me. “That's how much my friends mean to me.” Unabashedly, your actions speak stronger than your words.

You broke silence for others.
You took a brave stand against injustice.
You went the extra mile. 

You accept your friends for who they are.

You readily give away the bigger slice of cake.

You always find a way to make someone else feel special.

You don’t “claim” others – you introduce new friends to old and encourage everyone to hang out together.  
You strive to bring out the best in others.

And for this I admire you sweet girl, yes YOU.

Biggest Mom Hug & XXs,

You're Mama
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