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You are love


So I bring to you ‘You are LOVE” anticipating you, too may be feeling a bout of uncertainty.  In hopes that you can resist the temptation to ride the coaster tight fisted and instead throw those hands up in the air and yell out a WaHOOO!!!!!!! 

You are LOVE.  Awesome, out of this world, love.  YOU are beauty.

Simple and perfect…….. with all of your imperfections!

In every waking moment, before you is a gift to shed fear, knee jerk reactions, destructive patterns of behavior and self-criticism.  Did you let that sink in?  Yes, every stinkin’ moment that passes is an opportunity to live more consciously and rid yourself of all the learned negative coping mechanisms you’ve acquired over the years!  Believe it because you deserve it.  No matter your past faults, hiccups along the way, stumbles or bumbles you deserve to live the love that is YOU!  But here is the kicker… and only you, have the power to unlock the chains, to let go and put down the walls of protection you’ve placed around your love.  It’s not easy. Oh, no, it’s not easy.  If it were easy we’d have world peace, no one would go hungry and injustice would no longer be a spoken word.

But, here you are.  You’ve landed in this spot for a blink in time.  A happy serendipity of links and clicks. The web door has opened and you are the guest of honor at the love shack – a party celebrating all that you are, the love you are and the love you share.  So get on your party shoes, let down your hair and let your feet start dancing.

Because when you believe in the love that is you, you benefit.  Living in the midst of the love you are, you will make healthier choices for how you treat yourself, whether it be the food you consume, how active you choose to be, or how you choose to deal with stress.   And guess what, there are others that benefit from the love that is you.

All those special peeps you call family (blood or not) need and benefit from your love;

Your closest comrades in life need & benefit from all the love that is you;

The place you call home, no matter where it is, needs & benefits from your love;

Oh, and don’t forget the place you spend endless hours of business, man, it really needs & benefits from your love;

Your neighbors, as quiet or noisy as they may be, need & benefit from your love;

Your enemies, are you kidding me? YES (!), need & benefit from your love;

The world desperately craves your love and benefits in intangible ways.  You may never see, touch or feel they ways in which your love touches the world, but it does.

Your love is the prescription to our world’s sickness.  Without it there is more suffering, illness, despair.  Yes, you are that important. You are that powerful.  You are that brilliant.  You. Yes, you.  Believe it.  Believe it and protect it.  Hold it up as your most treasured trophy.  No one can take your love away from you.  No one.  Ever.

You are LOVE.  You are beauty.  You are amazingly awesome.

Don’t fight it.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  You are all you need to be.  Show up.  Be seen and LIVE LOVE!

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The Gutsy Girl Club's mission is to bring out the best in all girls.  In a world which is bombarded by negative messaging & a portrayal of unrealistic ideals - too many people suffer in silence as they grapple with how to live up to unwieldy expectations.  What is needed are stories filled with truth, honesty, and creativity to show them a different way.

I encourage you to SHARE YOUR STORY and empower others to bring out their best.

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