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For those who desire individual attention and the most direct path to receiving the advice and support they need, I consult for qualified clients during private strategy intensive days OR my monthly Gutsy Girl Coaching Program. The Gutsy Girl coaching program is a personally tailored package of coaching sessions with me, mapping out the next steps of your empowerment approach, up-leveling your influence, or addressing any challenges you may be experiencing with bringing out your best or that of your daughter. And if you like to “GET TO THE HEART OF IT”, then the Gutsy Girl program is the way to go. If you prefer to take smaller steps through the process with a sense of accountable and ongoing support, my monthly program would be the perfect fit.

If you are ready to move beyond self-doubt and: Connect with your strengths so you can....

  • Feel empowered each and every day
  • Step forward on your path to wellness with confidence
  • Create your own unique definition for success.

If you are ready to overcome the love/hate relationship with your daughter and: Give your daughter the emotional support you wish someone had given to you so you can…

  • Strengthen your relationship with her; therefore become more connected while at the same time she gains greater independence.
  • Increase your trust factor and raise the bar for how to be there for her; therefore enjoying each other more with less conflict.
  • Be there for her, like no other and be seen in her eyes as someone who truly ‘gets’ who she is. 

Create an Empowerment Strategy and Presence that matches who you are and what you believe will give her

  • A new way of seeing, speaking about, and valuing her strengths and abilities.
  • The confidence to stand up for herself and be her own individual when faced with conflict.
  • Happiness.

So you can…

  • Stop yelling and start enjoying more and more of your time together.
  • Strengthen the foundation which your relationship stands on, and aligns with your deepest desires & beliefs.
  • Have so much confidence from your new found mothering clarity that you are READY to be BOLD and show up in the world; to get out there in a much bigger way.

Find your personal GROOVE that is right for you so you can…

  • Experience the magic you deserve in your mother-daughter relationship by nurturing her in ways that ENERGIZE, rather than zap your energy.
  • Stand out in her world and be the safe place for her to land while building trust.
  • Be natural, be YOU in your mothering.

Simplify how your relationship works, so you will…

  • Create activities and experiences that support one another, serve your GROOVE AND get you the most hugs possible.
  • Stop wasting time on an approach that doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t make you feel good, and/or costs your relationship. Maybe you are focusing energy in the wrong places!?!

So are you ready? Are you committed to transforming your relationship and life and move from A (where you are now) to Z (where you want to be)? Then…..

  • Apply for a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me where we will define the benefits of a Gutsy Girl tailored program or 3 Month Coaching program for you to ensure that it is the right fit, and if NOT, then at a minimum, you will take away some valuable information to move you forward.

APPLY NOW and I will be in contact with you to let you know whether or not you have qualified for this complimentary session. (Why do you have to qualify? Well let’s be honest.  Some people are just wanting to kick the tires, but aren’t truly committed to doing ALL that it takes to make a drastic change. But I know if you fill out this form, then you are ready to figure out your unique empowerment approach, you are ready to make confidence building work for you easily and effectively, and you are ready to take action, get more hugs and move your daughter forward.)  See you on the other side.



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