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What a mom really wants for Mother’s Day

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When asked by their kids, most moms say world peace or an end to world hunger.  But that’s a big ask.  So, what moms typically get is jewelry, flowers and chocolates – which are great, but there’s something that many moms want, but wouldn't necessarily ask for. 

And that’s acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement that being a mom is hard. Acknowledgement that they often make sacrifices on behalf of others in their life.  And acknowledgement that while moms love their kids to the moon and back – these relationships aren’t always easy or the way we want them to be.

Moms, like every other human being say things they don’t always mean, second guess themselves about speaking up, and make tough choices that sometimes feels like the wrong one. Being hardest on themselves, moms quietly beat themselves up while the outside world sees them as rock stars. They wonder about not being the mom they thought they could be and feel utterly overwhelmed. Balancing work and home is a constant juggle and moms often question whether they are doing a good enough job.

Being a mother is hard. No doubt. 

So, on this Mother’s Day, if flowers could speak they’d say:

You are someone’s everything. 

Being a mom - it’s hard and we know you can do it. And you DO do it - really well.

We have no idea how you’re achieving as much as you do given the limited number of hours in the day.

And while you think sometimes that you’re dropping the ball, you are AMAZING.  Don’t ever question that.

If chocolates could whisper in your ear, they'd say:

You're kisses & hugs are the sweetest.

You put the happy in others.

You’re doing a better job than you think. So please, stop being so hard on yourself.

And for all the times you feel like you’ve failed – pause & remember:

Like diamonds you allow others to shine.

You teach the hard lessons.

And you hold out hope in the darkest of times & make wishes on every star.

So while it's unlikely mom will say 'no thank you' to flowers or breakfast in bed — just be sure to also let a her know her sacrifices, commitment, and sweat and tears are valued by giving her a heartfelt "Thank- you!"





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