Trading in board books for text books

Bottles, baby spoons, hand wipes.

Mini shirts, small socks, piles of laundry.

Playdates, museum crawl, time frolicking in the park.

Snuggle time under the covers.

Sticky fingers.


The magical world of little ones.

And yet, the moment you settle into this season of her life and think 'I can stay in this cozy

warm spot FOREVER', it’s time to switch things up.


Before you know it, it’s time to trade in those board books for textbooks.

Table talk turns from babble to ‘how do I do this math problem????’ and ‘but, but, but

(in between sobs), she used to be my best friend!’

The time we have when our children are protected from the big outside world is limited.

Before you know it, we go from holding her hand to giving her a send-off kiss for the day.....

secretly we cross our fingers behind our back that she’ll be ok.

Cherish this moment. Time is fleeting.  If she’s not there already, then before you know it,

she’ll be out there on her own.

Chasing down her own dreams. Facing her own battles.




P.S. Make Raising a Girl Look Easy. 

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