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The Gutsy Girl Gathering Host Program

$100.00 USD, annual renewal




The Gutsy Girl Gatherings Host Program: Girl mentoring and confidence development  curriculum for heart-centered women and leaders.

One thing we know about good mentors is that they’re always scoping for powerful questions and meaningful practices to weave into their work. The Gutsy Girl Gatherings Host Program is a customizable curriculum for mentors to help the girls in their life examine — and create, their definition of confidence. This is where heart meets world and where consciousness meets happiness.

This content makes it incredibly easy to design gatherings, after-school meet-ups, and group sessions for girls who need help developing their confidence to face challenges in their everyday lives and to empower their fierce roar.

Here’s how it works: You join the program. We give you instant access to a digital library of clear and beautiful outlines and curricula for:

in-person gatherings of various lengths
online coaching
one-on-one coaching

You can customize The Gutsy Girl Gatherings content however it best supports your girls and your mentoring style. Blend it with your own work. Dice it up to sync with your girls’ growth arc. You can make this content the center of your offering or just one part of your magic tool kit. Our goal is to provide you with fun, straight forward content that’s easy to use and that naturally boosts your impact power.

What’s included with the program:

Host License
In-person Group Mentoring Gathering Outline & Curriculum
The Gutsy Girl Gatherings Online Training with Heather
Activity sheets to pass out to girls (digital download & print!)
Menu of Magic & Exercises
Promotional Toolkit
The Gutsy Girl Gatherings Playbook
Super Affiliate Partner Status
Retail Discounts


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