The 7 Confidence Habits Every Girl Needs

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No one tells you being a mom is going to be so hard....that from the moment your child is born, life shifts.

That along with the endless number of diaper changes, days of walking around in a sleepless fog, and brainless house chores also comes a shift in priority, a shift in one's personal award system. 

Exhaustion and overwhelm enter as a daily reminder that your life is now largely controlled by your little one. 

And as your little one grows, so does the demand for letting go. Her first steps with you by her side will one day turn into her stepping out the door and living life on her own.

And the hardest part?  There's no manual. 

"How do I know she won't get left out on the playground?"

"How will I know if she's being treated unkindly by a friend?"

"How will I know if she's safe when I'm not with her?"

So, yeah - raising a daughter is hard. It's not easy. But did you know - there is a way to make it easier?

There is a way to feel that 'she's got this' feeling when she steps out into the world on her own.     


When the day comes, let there be an explosion of fireworks that light up the sky in celebration of all you've done, for all she has become. Let the entire world jump for joy as she steps into her own journey - the journey she was always meant to be on.

Hold on dear one.

We're here to help make this whole mothering thing a whole lot easier (oh, and more fun!)




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