That moment. That one moment when everything changes.

The day will come,..... when you've tired of the persistent ache in your belly.  When the belief that there is no other way will fade. 

Perhaps her day will come when the seasons change.  Perhaps her day will arrive on the heels of tomorrow.  Or maybe today is the day when her gift to see cracks wide open the door of possibility.  When her heart overflows with all she's ever believed to be possible.


On this day, she'll tightly wrap her arms around her true potential so as never to let it go and she'll courageously step into the journey that is hers. 

Yes, hers.

When that day comes, fireworks will explode in the sky as the entire world jumps for joy knowing this very journey is the journey she was always meant to be on.

Hold on dear one.

Your day will arrive and flames will mark the prints your footsteps leave behind. (click to tweet)




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Please let someone know, her day will come. step_into_journey_gutsy_girl_club.PNG

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