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“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brene Brown


There is a proven formula you can follow

What if there was a proven system you could follow to build her confidence?

Go out for the soccer team: No problem.

Make a new friend: No problem.

Raise her hand in class: Yup!

Stand up to mean girls: Gotcha’ covered.

Contrary to what all of the "experts" say there is a formula for hitting these milestones. And it is isn't nearly as overwhelming as you've always thought.

My name is Heather Freeman. I am the founder of the Gutsy Girl Club. At the Gutsy Girl Club I breakdown and reverse engineer what the top parenting experts of girls recommend doing.

Then I turn these strategies into easy to follow step-by-step formulas that you can do to help your girl.

You'll learn exactly what works! (minus all the fluff)

If you've ever been frustrated by fluffy non-actionable content, you've just met your soul-mate. The average Gutsy Girl Club blog post clears the clutter and quickly goes deep into the details.

My goal is to give you the exact plan you need to follow and leave both you and your girl empowered and ready to take on the world!





"Affirming, helpful, and really on point." Kristen Hatcher, Mother of two. 






Gutsy Girl Club readers LOVE live case studies.

What is a live case study?

It's when I discover a brand-new empowerment strategy and then run it by the experts to ensure it's proven to work before putting it into action in my daughter's life. Then I report back with the details of how it worked for me.

For example...

Recently several friends of mine started encouraging their daughters to call new friends and getting them to schedule play time with friends. Well, I was curious how to actually encourage the confidence in my own daughter to make such calls or if she still needed me to take the lead in helping set up her play time.

Naturally, I asked all of them if it helped or hurt their daughter's independence. Everyone of them said the same thing, "I don't know. I just liked not having to do it."


So....I researched it.

Over the course of the last two weeks I ran a test to see if it made a difference.





"Heather's honesty, wisdom and hope makes the world a better place.." Courtney Sheehan, momma hero to two





I wanted to know if I should have my daughter make calls to her friends.

Would she become more confident if she took the reigns on this?

My guess was that it would. But it was just that, a guess.

What do you think?

Did she reach out to more friends after she made the calls?

The results might surprise you.

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