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Share Your Story Double #DailyDare


As mothers, our daughters look up to us as their super sheheroes.  In their eyes there is nothing we can do wrong and there is nothing we can’t do.  The myth of the shehero though, is that she is perfect.  But, as Brené Brown teaches in her TEDx talk The Power Of Vulnerability, the gateway to truly seeing one another is being vulnerable and sharing your story – the one that includes your imperfections.

The downside of hiding, denying, or not sharing your story, is you’ll miss out on the sense of connection that you desire with your daughter.  She’s gotta know that you’ve got warts and a big bushy tail so that she trusts you will love her in spite of – or even because of imperfections she has.

So, tune in, open up, and share yourself with your daughter.  Then, watch as you both grow into the beautiful gorgeous beings you are meant to be.



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