Power Up! Girls & Women Circle - Gutsy Girl Club

Power Up! Girls & Women Circle

POWER UP! Girls & Women Circle does not aim to provide advice, but encourages girls and women to share experiences that are helpful to one another. To participate, participants need only have the desire, make a commitment to attend the meetings, and agree to follow the circle guidelines, i.e. respect, no put-downs or interruptions, no judgements, offer experiences - not advice, keep the focus on oneself, and keep what’s said in the group private. Participants are free to share at their own pace.

Girls & Women Circles are most often held weekly for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Each week the group is led through an interactive discussion that includes each participant taking turns talking and listening to one another respectfully about their concerns and interests. Participants express themselves further through creative or focused activities such as role playing, drama, journaling, poetry, dance, drawing, collage, clay, and so on. Gender specific themes and topics are introduced which relate to the participant lives, such as being a girl, trusting ourselves, identifying one's strengths, defining 'who am i', friendships, body image, goals, healthy decision making, motherhood, and parenting.

Giving Voice to Feelings
We all have a little girl inside us who needs to be heard.  When we voice our ideas and opinions in a safe environment, it strengthens our confidence and self-esteem and encourages us to express ourselves more fully and critically think through our behavior and choices. By examining cultural expectations in a safe and supportive setting, we gain greater awareness of our options and strengthen our ability to make choices that are consistent with our values, interests, and talents.

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