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Thank you so much for your interest The Art of a Gutsy Girl Mentoring Program. My mentoring program is the real deal. It's not a solo adventure or just a weekend workshop. It's compassionate people, doing heart-centered work, getting meaningful results. I personally mentor you for as long as we determine together is needed to set you up for success. Results are the only option.

The email course that I'm going to give you is also the real deal; there are twelve lessons in all. It's a training course based on the personal growth strategies I teach in The Art of a Gutsy Girl Mentoring Program. You'll be able to identify these emails by the subject line. They will always start with [The Art of a Gutsy Girl Mentoring Program].

We can always do more together than we can alone. I sincerely hope we’ll be working together soon.

Reach for more,

Heather Freeman

P.S. If you have any questions, at any time, please feel free to write me at heather@gutsygirlclub.com or call 860-882-2502.

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