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I've Got Her Back - Pinky Promise

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Do you ever get that sinking feeling when it’s time for a new school year to begin?

No matter how old your girl is, it’s a very common issue.

The stores have been stocked since late July with school supplies. Towers of notebooks, pencils, file folders, and binders fill the aisles. But somehow, in a quest to hang on to summer by a nail grip, my girls and I find ourselves rushing to download this year’s supply list and go through the list crossing off items purchased.

And have you noticed?  Facebook is beginning to fill up with 1st day school pics. That’s not a good sign😊.  While getting ready to send my daughters off for another year of scheduled drop offs, pickups and homework, I can’t help but feel a twinge ……a twinge of excitement and angst. 

I’m excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead for them in the coming year. The new friends they’ll make, the new classes they’ll get to experience. But I also know they are edging towards greater independence. The day that I’ll be sending them off into the big world for good, is not that far away. 

But as the years creep on I get a little wiser, I know I’m not alone.


And you’re not either. The moms of your girl’s school mates are out there feeling the angst, too. So be there for each other. Let your friends know you’ve got her girl’s back when she’s not there and that you'll help keep her girl in line and safe when she’s not standing there with her.


Dear fellow mama,

Being a mom has made me stretch in ways I didn't think possible. Being a mom has made me a better person. Yet I realize more than ever, I am not perfect. Nor is my child. 

And this scares me. Because as my child grows, so do the pressures from the world around her. As she moves outside of my hug zone, she will face situations that challenge her morals, ethical standing, and personal character. While she needs to gain her independence, I fear she will take on more than she is ready to carry. I don't want her to feel she must do it all on her own.  This is where I need you, my friend.  I need you to:

  • Keep watch,
  • Listen,
  • Tune in and pay attention,
  • and above all, be there for her, like you are for me

And because I want the same for you, this is my pinky promise to you.  I will:

  • Keep watch,
  • Listen,
  • Tune in and pay attention,
  • and above all, be there for her, like you are for me

You are my ally, my confidant and this is my pinky promise to you.  You are not alone on this crazy wild ride called motherhood. We are in this together. (CLICK TO TWEET)

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Go ahead. Share with your friends. Take the pledge & be there for each other like no other.

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