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Open for Business!

The door of possibility is officially open!


The Gutsy Girl Club envisions a world where girls, young & old wake up empowered to step out into the world, confident in their strength to be bold, to be fearless, confident knowing that she always has a trusting, safe, and loving place to land when she falls. And is resilient to get back up, to be UNSTOPPABLE.

This is the world we envision. Visit the Gutsy Girl Club's Shoppe and surround yourself with inspirational gifts and treasures that encourage the best in you. 

The unique and eclectic selection of girl power gifts and home décor are all handmade by the Gutsy Girl Club. The passion for living from a place of empowerment is expressed through every piece.

Enjoy original canvas art that encourages you to 'Spread Your Wings and Fly' or an instant download that whispers 'You Can Do Anything.' The Gutsy Girl Club is now offering a collection of canvases that are ORIGINAL & therefore LIMITED. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The downloads are a fun & quick way to grab some inspiration.  And then there's the next collection...and the next...... and the one after that!  I can’t wait to tell you about them all!



- Heather

Chief Gutsy Girl


 The adventure continues......


 * * * * *
The Gutsy girl club is in the business of creating an empowering community of bravistas who deeply support one another and who build each other up. Through the power of story we inspire connection with one's truth and bring out the best in each other.



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