On a Mission - Gutsy Girl Club

On a Mission


The mission of the Gutsy Girl Club has always been:

Inspire the best in others by shining a light on what is possible. 

Since 2013 we've been helping people connect with their true power.  And we're happy to report that a great number of women and girls have been able to do just that over the past three years.  We've witnessed girls grow in their confidence through our empowerment camps, mother's strengthen their relationship with their daughters through our creative workshops, and girls build trust with each other through our girls circles.  We've even experienced women come into their true selves during one-on-one coaching. 

The Gutsy Girl Club's shop is a new avenue for reaching people while at the same time takes me back to when being me meant happily creating and making art. The Gutsy Girl Club's shop is a chance to return to my souls mission and bring to you treasures that serve as a reminder of your own uniqueness. The creations unveiled here serve as a reminder that there is only one you and how you show up in the world matters. The message included with each creation is a bold statement conveying hope and encouragement.

Sharing inspiration through creative acts of art is a wonderful platform for me to connect with people from around the globe in a meaningful, personal way. You just can’t find that doing anything else, and it’s so incredibly special. The creative process also provides a unique way to continue to share the story of all gutsy girls.  It's a powerful way to serve the greater good and bring more light into the world.

Be bold. Be strong. And for heavens sake, BE YOU.


- Heather

Chief Gutsy Girl


 The adventure continues......



The Gutsy girl club is in the business of creating an empowering community of bravistas who deeply support one another and who build each other up. Through the power of story we inspire connection with one's truth and bring out the best in each other.



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