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Mommy needs a timeout!


Many times the Gutsy Girl Club runs into women who are feeling lost, stressed out and overwhelmed with life's responsibilities.  To help them find direction and become grounded in their journey toward happiness and health I created a 'You are Here' exercise.  It is a guided relaxation exercise. 

I’m going to share with you here because I can’t keep this tucked away in a vault, not when it has the potential to help you in ways you may have thought impossible. 

Slowing down to give yourself the chance to assess your own needs is incredibly challenging in the chaotic world we live in today.  A myriad of distractions pull our attention elsewhere and drain energy reserve - kids, work, financial responsibilities all contribute to increased stress levels.

'You are Here' can be used any time you feel like your life is out of control and you are struggling to stay afloat amongst all the stress.  Gain the focus and clarity you need to so you can make healthier choices for yourself. 

As Buddist Thich Nhat Hahn says “Through the practice of deep looking and deep listening, we become free, able to see the beauty and values in our own and others.”

So let’s take a moment to fully connect with your feelings. Let’s take a moment to experience yourself in a way that you haven’t experienced yourself before. 

When you are ready, gently close your eyes as we take a moment to rest in this space…… Notice of your breath. 

Breath in.  ……hold briefly….Breath out…… hold briefly. … Breath in …hold briefly, …..Breath out.   

As you sit comfortably in your chair with your feet pressed to the floor, sit quietly with the word lost,….to help you focus, you can let your mind imagine the word lost.  You can even imagine the word lost sitting softly in the palms of your hands. 

As you sit here, what if any images come to mind?  What words come to mind which describe your  feeling of lost?  Now, let’s put your attention onto the sensations that are occurring in your body as you sit with these images and words. 

What sensations are you feeling?  How would you describe these sensations? Would you describe these sensations as tingling?  Balled up?  Heavy? How else would you describe these sensations? 

Continue to breath in…hold briefly…..  Breathe out….hold briefly…..  Breath in….hold briefly…...  Breath out…. 

Now, let’s put your attention to your heart. 

The heart is the central place in your body that is responsible for nourishing and fueling the rest of your body, both physically in the form of blood and emotionally in the form of love. 

Imagine your blood being not only made up of red and white blood cells, but containing love cells as well.  And these love cells come to your heart to get replenished with love before getting pushed out to every cell in your body.  These love cells have all the love needed to comfort you in this space of feeling lost. 

Let yourself feel the power of this love that pumps throughout your body and reaching your lungs, stomach, intestines, your legs, feet, toes, your shoulders, arms, wrists and fingertips. 

Imagine your heart pumping strongly with each reliable beat, spreading this energized, nourishing love.  Continue to breath in…hold briefly…..  Breathe out….hold briefly…..  Breath in….hold briefly…...  Breath out…. 

And when you are ready, gently open your eyes. 

Share your story.

The Gutsy Girl Club's mission is to bring out the best in all girls.  In a world which is bombarded by negative messaging & a portrayal of unrealistic ideals - too many people suffer in silence as they grapple with how to live up to unwieldy expectations.  What is needed are stories filled with truth, honesty, and creativity to show them a different way.

I encourage you to SHARE YOUR STORY and empower others to bring out their best.

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