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Let go of all the reasons it's not worth it and believe

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Will you be there as much as needed, as long as needed?

Listen. This mothering thing. It ain't easy by anyone's standard.

But it's time. This is it. The little girls of this world need us. We've got one shot.

The time. Is. Now.

I for one am digging deeper and shooting higher. I’m reaching inward for my strength, facing my truth, and I’m going to pour my heart and soul into seeking the inner glitter in every person I encounter, relationship I'm a part of, and every cause I'm devoted to.

Who’s with me?

Before you answer, please consider this:
      Will you be there as much as needed, as long as needed?
      Are you willing to cut through the fluff?
      Will you speak when no one else is saying what must be said?

      Do you believe in possibilities?

I do.





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