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Just Be You

I discovered my love for making things by hand back in elementary school. While on trips to the eastern shore, I'd collect all kinds of ocean inspired treasures. Once at home I'd take the bits of seaweed, drift wood, and sea glass and magically transform these finds into seascape sculptures. What I remember most is being swept up in the magic of the creative process and once it was complete, having something to remind me of one of my favorite places to roam freely and play. I knew even then, that I'm happiest when I let loose in the creative playground and my hands are busy making treasures that capture a memorable snapshot in time.

But for reasons that are stories in themselves, I strayed from that happy place. 

Life is like that. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful for the places my life has traveled to and the doors of opportunity that have been provided to me. They have all brought me great joy. Yet along the way I couldn't shake an ache for something more and often wondered if I'd ever have the courage to discover what was it was that was calling me.

As EE Cummings once said, 'It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.'  And so the drive to be oneself never lets go.  It is deep within ones soul.  To be anything less is like giving someone a beautifully wrapped box.... with nothing in it.  As you can imagine, it wouldn't feel very good to be on the receiving end of that gift. And quite frankly, it would feel pretty lousy to be on the giving side as well. That's why the Gutsy Girl Club is steadfast in its commitment to helping people believe they deserve the chance to be their best and shining a light on how to get there.  It is why we are opening up our new shop. But more to come on that next time!

Until then, be well. And remember, just be you!

- Heather
 Chief Gutsy Girl


The adventure continues......



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The Gutsy girl club is in the business of creating an empowering community of bravistas who deeply support one another and who build each other up. Through the power of story we inspire connection with one's truth and bring out the best in each other.


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