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Jumpstart Her Confidence

Take our free 6-part online class and learn the step by step system to grow her confidence (even if you are new to the parenting scene).


Confidence is the single most effective way to elevate her girl power.

Struggling to raise your girl?
Building her confidence is the single most effective way to fix that.
My name is Heather Freeman. I am the creator of the Jumpstart Her Confidence webinar. Over the past 14 years, I’ve helped parents build confidence in their girls.
But it wasn’t easy…
If I heard the phrase “girl power comes from within” one more time, I might have gone crazy.
Every research article I read and expert I talked with about this mysterious inner confidence. But NO ONE would tell me exactly how to build it.
Finally after months of frustration, I said “To heck with it!”
Every time I heard of a new confidence building strategy I would make a note of it and then try it out. I repeated this process until I finally found a handful of strategies that worked REALLY well.
Then I took these strategies, improved on them and helped pioneer a new confidence-building framework that’s now being used by 100s of people around the world.
This framework has changed my mother-daughter relationship. It went from a disconnected barely knowing what to do to a we can handle anything that comes our way.  
Inside of the Jumpstart Her Confidence webinar you'll learn this framework. This is your shortcut to growing her confidence. It's not only a bunch of theory, but actual tactics you can implement immediately.
I'll walk with you, show you the ropes and equip you with the tools and techniques you need to build her list (you'll also learn how to use her confidence to create her first girl posse).
Enrollment for this class is free.  
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Included in the Jumpstart Her Confidence online webinar:

√ The very first action item you need to complete to start building her confidence
√ How to get smiles that light up the room
√ The exact activity tactic you need to jump start her confidence growth.





With your FREE Jumpstart Her Confidence class you also get...

An exclusive invitation to join our She's Got This! TM Interactive Guide


meet your instructor

Heather sits down with you and walks you through the introduction to the four primary stages of growing her confidence.


laying the foundation

In the first module of the course you'll go through the basics of mapping out her confidence plan and getting her very first friend.


her first friends

In the second module of the course you'll be taught a simple strategy to get her first playdate in 7 days.


getting from shy to confident

In the third and final module you'll be given two strategies to execute that will grow her confidence from sidekick to super girl.


create her first girl posse

In this free bonus workshop you'll learn a 4-step process to create, validate and launch your very first product.


private coaching call

You'll have access to a private coaching call. This gives you an opportunity to ask your immediate and unique questions concerning your girl.

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