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It's International Women’s Day!

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Join us in celebrating!

The Gutsy Girl Club is aiming to extend our impact by supporting a woman making a difference in her community. We’re partnering with KIVA, who like the Gutsy Girl Club envisions a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

Below are just 3 amazing women with 3 aspiring dreams looking for financial support through Kiva, a microlender working to alleviate poverty. Who would you like to support? Cast your vote in the comments below!

Meet Florinda & Friends


The 10 Maya K'iche'-speaking women who formed the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank "Xecruz" in a rural area of Totonicapán, Guatemala, are pleased to be starting their first loan with Kiva. The women have a variety of small businesses selling bulk items for convenience stores, running shoe shops, or raising animals. They will invest the new loan capital to build their businesses.

A member of the group is 25-year-old Florinda who is married with an eight-month-old daughter. She has a fourth grade education. In order to create a better future for herself and her family, Florinda manages a small convenience store and plans to use her loan to buy milk, cereal, oil and rice in bulk.

Each month, Florinda will attend Trust Bank meetings to make payments on her loan and then participate in non-formal educational lessons that are a part of the "Microcredit Plus" program of small loans, education and health. A facilitator helps them build good skills in business, family, health and women's issues, so that they can become empowered to create pathways out of poverty.

According to Kiva staffer Kate, "This loan is special because: Florinda and her friends will receive in-depth trainings on business, health, over-indebtedness, and self-esteem."

Meet Maribel


Maribel is an enterprising woman and single mother who fights for a better future. She only reached the final year of high school and dreams of finishing her schooling. Maribel has a business selling fried foods. Previously, she sold second-hand clothing but when she saw that the sales were declining she changed to an alternative.

Her reason for taking this loan is to stock her business with fish, chicken, sweet potatoes, green bananas etc. to maintain her clientele.

Maribel lives in Boca Chica, the area of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The economy of this town is generally based on fishing, informal commerce and services generated by the tourism sector. Maribel has a goal to improve her business by getting her own transport which would allow her better access to the merchandise that she has to buy from far away, and with this she will achieve her dream of making her own home.

According to Kiva staffer, Wesley "This loan is special because: It includes access to healthcare services and business and vocational training."

Meet Ana


Ana is married and lives with her family, made up of her partner and her three children. She works in agricultural jobs, which are quite diverse as she grew up in an area where the residents raise cattle and pigs. They also grow staple grains.

Ana started her business several years ago. Her strength is growing staple grains and raising cattle

She will use the loan to buy agricultural supplies to care for her crops of staple grains. She will also use part of the money to pay the salaries of the workers she employs who prepare the land she farms.

Her goal is to increase her economic activity in order to generate more resources so that she can comply with her familial and financial obligations. Ana hopes to pay off her loan in the stipulated time, improve her harvests, and have economic stability.

According to Kiva staffer Karen, "This loan is special because: It empowers women in El Salvador."

Which of these 3 amazing women would you like to support?  Cast your vote in the comments below!



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  • Rachel Brody
    commented 2018-03-12 11:44:33 -0600
    All these fabulous women are deserving of this loan. At this time, I would like to place a vote for Florinda. Congratulations on all your endeavors ladies!