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Powered by Inspiration

What you tell yourself is a reflection of who you are, and whether it's a message of courage, strength, or power, words elicit an emotional response. This is the starting point from which the idea of a Gutsy Girl Club shop was born. 

I've decided to create message keepers that help provide a reminder about who we are. Each piece includes words of empowerment, that heal, and nurture one's soul. People long for a way to express themselves, and I believe art with a message can give them that loving boost of encouragement they need.

Over the years I've collected many empowering messages that I regularly turn to. I've even created a bunch of my own and share these #DailyDares with others. These messages give my days a courage kick-start and have helped hundreds of others think differently and own their power, too. The artwork I create uniquely incorporates these messages with the hope of inspiring the best in others, too.

For example, I love wall art! And I love color. So I got out my paints to create an exclusive-to-Gutsy Girl Club collection of wall art to be the first item to showcase at the opening. I’m privileged to be able to share my creative spirit with the world. And I'm excited to share it here with you, first before launching it in the great big world! 


Just_Being_Myself.JPG gutsygirlclub_art_process.jpg

A sneak peek at my creative process: It starts at the canvas where I go within to create a mixed media piece of artwork that speaks the truth of one's soul.


- Heather

Chief Gutsy Girl


 The adventure continues......


 * * * * *
The Gutsy girl club is in the business of creating an empowering community of bravistas who deeply support one another and who build each other up. Through the power of story we inspire connection with one's truth and bring out the best in each other.


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