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Gutsy Girl in Action - Jennifer Floyd



Jennifer Floyd

This is Jennifer Floyd.  She's a mom on the go, the creative spark behind Cartwheel Clothing, and a steadfast friend.  She's got her own recipe for being a gutsy girl.  Check her out!

QUESTION: What does being a Gutsy Girl mean to you? Taking risks! I have never been afraid to take a leap and try something new. I encourage everyone I know to do the same. Especially if you find yourself in a job or relationship where you’re not happy. Change it up, fix it or move on. It has not always been easy to live that way, but it’s part of the adventure.

QUESTION: What strengths do you draw upon to help you realize your dream of owning and operating Cartwheel Clothing? I like to make stuff! I really like to give stuff away too (but that’s not always very realistic) so I started selling my creations. I also love meeting new people and Cartwheel has given me the opportunity to do all of those things.


QUESTION: What people do you draw on to help you realize your vision for Cartwheel Clothing? My very creative friends and my very organized friends. I struggle in both of those areas sometimes and my friends help give me a boost. Also, my customers have been amazing supporters (not just monetarily). They often ask me to try to make something out of the ordinary to fit a specific need. This often leads to a great new product for Cartwheel Clothing. Additionally, my family has been very supportive and they are often they are my voice of reason when my ideas get a little too outlandish!

QUESTION: What is your favorite girl power movie or book? The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. Kingsolver portrays a gutsy Taylor Greer, a single mom who always puts her child’s needs first.

QUESTION: If given the choice, would you choose sunshine, saltwater, and sand or snow, elevation, and skis? That’s a tricky question. I feel like I need both. Living in Durango I feel like we get lots of sunshine, snow, elevation and skiing, so I guess it’s almost the best of both worlds. If I have to choose one, I’ll stick with snow, elevation, and skis for now (at least until I become a more proficient skate-skier.)


Thank you for sharing your Gutsy Girl story, Jennifer!


Chief Gutsy Girl


 The adventure continues......


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