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The Gutsy Girl's 5 Step Plan to Build Confidence

(Using A Girl's Connection to Self)


with Heather Freeman

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Lesson #5: Connecting With Self (With Out Judgement)

"If only she'd be nicer to her sister....When will she talk on the phone?.... She's so timid and needy...I just want her to stop clinging to me... She's great, but I always thought I would have a son....She argues with everything I say; why does she have to be so strong-willed?...She drives me crazy!" 

When thoughts like these cross our mind - this is the struggle to see your daughter without judgement in action.

Want to connect without judgement? Listen to find out what to do…

The big takeaways:

  • The main reason many girl's self-identity suffers
  • The one thing I do to help eliminate judgement about my girl’s identity
  • The foundational element to a parent-daughter relationship that practically guarantees a girl will bloom.




Heather Freeman, Chief Gutsy Girl

p.s. BONUS! Can you name the top 3 strengths of your girl? This is a challenge I regularly set for parents, and given most of them struggle to remember their own signature strengths it probably won’t surprise you to hear that they rarely feel very confident about identifying their daughter’s strengths. 

The task of empowerment is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a girl's weaknesses irrelevant. It's time to focus on what's right about your girl. 

These strengths are parts of your girl that help make her who she is — they are within her (just as they are within you) and are generally stable over time. It is widely recognized that focusing and building on such your strengths, rather than your weaknesses, can make for a happier, confident girl who is engaged in life.  

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Have parents complete the VIA Strengths Girl Power Table and ask them to try and identify the top five strengths of their girl.
  2. Then have their girl (ages 10-18) complete the table and identify their top five strengths onto a second copy of the strengths table.
  3. Now compare the two tables. What did you see? What did you miss? What does this tell you about how your daughter sees her strengths? What does it tell you about how your girl might be at her best? What does it tell you about the strengths gaps your girl may need to mindful of?
  4. I encourage parents to keep the Strengths Table somewhere they can regularly see it.

Source: VIA Institute on Character

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