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Gutsy Girl Workshop

The Gutsy Girl's 5 Step Plan to Build Confidence

(Using A Girl's Connection to Self)


with Heather Freeman

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Lesson #1: What's Your Why?

Most people start trying to grow a girl’s confidence by having her try out a bunch of new activities or new social situations.

This is silly.

There is something more important than any activity or situation you set her up with.

You HAVE to be 100% clear on this before starting (or you’ll just end up feeling massively doubtful).

Listen here to uncover your WHY...

The big takeaways:

  • The one magical thing that would be measurably different in her life (and yours!) 
  • How to decide if you should focus on building confidence… or something else.
  • My process for having the tough girl conversations...the ones that you can't avoid with girls.



Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your goal? And your 'WHY'

For example:

I want for her to believe in her value because I don't want others treating her less than what she is worth.

OR: I want her to have more courage so she can make friends because when I was her age I didn't have many friends and I want it to be better for her.

OR: I want her to be who she is (without worrying about what others think) because there are part of myself that I don't share because I'm afraid of what others will think or say.

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