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Gutsy Girl in Action - Terry Standish


I was introduced to Terry Standish by a mutual friend who said to me, "You've just GOT to meet two need to talk!"  So she gave me Terry's contact info and I shot her an email to see about getting together.  Soon there after we met up at a local Whole Foods and sure enough, as we got to talking it was magical. 

Terry is someone who emanates what it means to be a Gutsy Girl.  I caught up with her recently to ask her a few questions and here's what she had to say in response.

Happy reading & may you find inspiration in her story.

~ Heather


QUESTION: What inspired you to create Eye for Fashion?

For years I had been following the path of what others saw as a career path for me because I was torn which way to go. I was good at many different things that didn’t seem related to each other at the time. This is typical of a creative person which I didn’t understand back then.

My art teacher wanted me to go to art school, my retail manager wanted me to become a manager, my child development saw me as a preschool teacher.

So I ended up dabbling in many different areas of work over the years and yet it never felt I was filling all of my desires.

Whatever I was doing never seemed to make a big enough difference in the world, not as I dreamed about even though I wasn’t sure what that looked like.

I finally took a job based on the pay check only which I had never done before but I decided I needed to try because the owner of the company saw potential in me and I needed the money. I didn’t stay long because I was continually being required to go against what I felt I needed to do that was right for me.

When I look back at my life’s path I realized I wanted to do something that used all of my talents and gifts instead of just some of them. I began to see that my life’s path was all leading me to here to use every position and life experience I had been exposed to that was a lifelong preparation for me and was leading me to this place of empowering and enriching females.

Fashion was just the art form and tool I needed to use to do so.

QUESTION: You've created a professional path for helping women see & feel their beauty and you use fashion as the vehicle for which to do this.  What is one of your best dressed experiences or memories?

I have loved clothing for as long as I can remember.

I remember adults commenting on how excited I looked when I was opening gifts of clothing for my Birthday’s or Christmas. They would comment that I was just as excited to receive clothing as I was in getting a toy.

I didn’t understand why I wouldn’t be excited. To me it was just as exciting as a toy! It was something I could carry around with me everywhere I went which was better than a toy.

I could enjoy the color, feel and design that I could look at it and appreciate it everywhere I went which was different than playing with a toy and at times even better.

My favorite time of the year was always getting to pick out a new outfit and new shoes from the store directly. At times I also got a new wardrobe overnight when my Aunt brought me bags of hammy downs from my older cousin who barely worn any of it, My Aunt would pick out clothing that she liked personally that was more my style than my cousin’s taste.


QUESTION: What was one of the biggest fashion challenges you faced in finding your unique way to express yourself through the clothes you wear?

My biggest challenge in having my own style was learning to get over reactions of others and not to look for acceptance from other people.  I had to find it within myself and not let other people’s thoughts bother me.

I was more a trend setter rather than a follower, even within the fashion world. I only applied the parts of what I loved from fashion based on what was available, including any of my hammy downs. I then added my own spin to it with how I put it together.

I was the person who was always stepping outside the box and having fun with it. I dressed in a way that reflected who I was. I was that creative girl who I dressed that way too but that was always changing based on how I felt. I’ve coined myself a “moody dresser” because I switch styles depending on how I feel.

Most people saw me as the girl that had a natural flair for fashion and was often admired for it but at the same time I had experienced some girls who didn’t like the fact I was confident. I dressed how I did and was more girlie girl than others and was therefore bullied for it.

I didn’t fit in the norm back then and I still don’t. That is always the down side of being true to who “you” are. Being unique and expressing who you are can make us more vulnerable to others who don’t want to accept that uniqueness in themselves or resent they aren’t able to.

I wouldn’t’ and couldn’t be any other way. To do anything else would mean I was giving my power away and not being true to me which I couldn’t do completely. I am grateful for all of that and it has made be stronger for it. This was a very strong awareness that was just too important for me to not do.

If I didn’t follow my taste I felt like I was losing myself the one I was connected to and my ability express that on outside just had to be done to be true to me. It’s an emotional thing similarly to listening to music that you didn’t like just to please others or eat food you hate to please someone else’s taste. That doesn’t work and doesn’t please us. It would go against my nature and felt like I would be losing the pleasure of experiencing what I loved about me.

QUESTION: What personal strengths do you draw upon to help you pursue your passion for helping women?

I am now able to make that huge difference I was looking to make by helping females to begin to really love what they see in and on themselves.

I am teaching females how to see beyond what they had been seeing in the mirror and showing them what I have learned to see from an artistic perspective.

Females learn they no longer need to focus on what they consider to be the problem with their body or as what they may be referring to as “flaws.” By sharing the artistic perspective it has allowed me to help women to see clothing as an art form too.

Showing them it is something that they can manipulate and mold like clay, to be what they want it to be and they are the center of the focus and they can shift the outcome.

I love to share my experience so females don’t need to rely on someone else’s eye for an opinion, which only gives them more confidence and ability to be more of who they are. By combining my overall work experience of being a fitness coach, educator as an enrichment teacher, my artistic eye and my fashion retail experience I am working with women and fashion as a recipe of fun.

I use an informative approach that my clients can use immediately as she gains the gift of knowing herself better. This new way of approaching our wardrobe is allowing women and girls to reinvent themselves as they shift and change. At every and any age, stage of life and size range it is applicable. This saves her not only time and money but overall frustration by bringing her freedom of choice that suits her better as she is able to pick what she really loves because she understands.

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terry-standish-3.jpg  Every woman has multiple sides of their personality to address and dress” —what we want to see in our self, no matter where are we are going, no matter what we are doing or who we are doing it with, we can always stay true to who we are by doing it for us first. That is a true inner and outer balance of “image and fashion freedom.”

Thank you for sharing your story Terry! 

You are an example of a woman who has connected with her authentic voice and shares her strengths with the world in ways which are unique and meaningful. 

Your path wasn't always so clearly defined, but through a conscious reflection on the things that brought you the most joy as a child you have taken bold steps to bring these parts of yourself into your adult life. 

Your courage to find your own way is captivating and compelling.  And for that, I thank you, my friend!


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