Gutsy Girl in Action - Luci Delesbore

Gutsy Girl in Action - Luci Delesbore


Gutsy Girl Luci Delesbore is the kind of gal who sees a great idea and readily jumps in to make it happen!  Today's featured Gutsy Girl is the creative designer behind the 'Just Be Yourself' Tshirt.  There is so much pressure "to do" in our daily lives, but Luci has a keen sense for what matters. She created the 'Just Be Yourself' Tshirt as a gentle reminder to do just that.  This statement piece is a testament to the myriad of wonderful ways we can all express ourselves more.

And because we are a curious group, we wanted to know a little bit more about Luci and the inspiration behind her creation. So, in Gutsy Girl fashion, we asked.  And here's what she had to say:

QUESTION: What inspired you to create the ‘Just Be Yourself’ Tshirt?

My favorite creative medium is collage, and often using it for creating Vision Boards. I like to use many words to reflect my goals, or where are I want to learn and grow. The “Just Be Yourself” tee really is a representation of qualities that I aspire to be, or have in my life.

QUESTION: When do you feel at your best?  

When I am researching and finding resources for myself or others. There are so many different avenues available in which to get your creative ideas seen or heard, but often the challenge is in asking the right question, or knowing where to look. I can be pretty relentless in exploring options. I may not always find the right fit the first time, but as I continue to investigate, I find there are many out of the box resources in just about any field you’re searching for.

QUESTION: What is one of the biggest challenges you face in ‘Just Being Yourself’?

Keeping my focus on what I want, rather than spreading myself thin with other people’s dreams or needs. Only in the last year have I gotten really clear on what I want to be doing creatively, so I’ve had to learn to say ‘no’ to invitations to classes, groups, etc. that don’t fit with my direction. A post by Matt Horwitz on about The Power of Wearing Blinders really caught my attention on this. Usually I would think of having blinders on as a handicap, but when you consider blocking out everything else that is not on the path to your personal vision, that can be really powerful.

QUESTION: What personal strengths do you draw upon to help you pursue being yourself?

Not being afraid to ask lots of questions, and research. I can’t tell you how many great things have showed up in my path by doing this. The saying about there being no stupid questions is on point. Even if my first attempts at finding information aren’t met, or the people I’m asking aren’t responding, there is always someone that is willing to share their knowledge and see others thrive.

Thank you for sharing your story Luci! 


You are an example of a woman who believes in the power of one's truth and has found a way to express it through your creativity.

You bravely ask the tough questions and have found a way to enjoy greater success.  And your tenacity to 'Just Be Yourself' is inspiring!

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