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Gutsy Girl in Action

It may seem easier to tune out rather than tune in, but we all suffer when you do.

Here, at the Gutsy Girl Club, is where anything is possible. This is the place for finding inspiration so you can show up, be seen, and be the light that you are.  We believe you were born brave.  We know you matter and the ways you show up in the world matter, too. 

So sit back,......relax,.... and check out how the Gutsy Girls in our community live the gutsy life in their own unique way!





 Jennifer Floyd


Luci Delesbore


Terry Standish

Gutsy girl club is in the business of creating an empowering community of bravistas who deeply support one another and who build each other up. Through the power of her story we inspire connection with one's truth and bring out the best in each other because together we are stronger.


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