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Groggy to grateful


Happiness is a mindset. It takes work.  It doesn’t just happen. Put the work in = you will be rewarded. 

Each morning upon arising, I stumble out from under the covers of my warm cozy bed, tiptoe past the kid’s bedrooms, flick on the kitchen lights, straddle the curled up dog, and find my way into the bathroom at the other end of the house. 

I then proceed back into the kitchen, fumble for coffee grinds, and swizzle water into the teapot. With a clumsy thud the pot gets plopped onto the back right stovetop burner so I can then crank the burner to high. 

Just as the water heats up, I too feel my body progressively warm to the unstoppable motion of the day.  However, on one particular morning recently sleep had a stronghold on me. Rather than a pleasant send off into a new day like a mother’s kiss, sleep preferred I snoozed a bit longer. 

“Why are you getting up?” it asked.  “Do you reeeaaally need to be waking? Why can’t you just sleep in for once?” 


Waking up this way is less than ideal. 

It’s the worst, potentially setting the stage for the remainder of the day.

The steamy cup of fresh brewed coffee, creamy with milk and sugar rested in my hands at which point I knew I had a choice to make.  Continue to sag into the morning and let the grip of doldrums pull me down and zap any hope for positive energy for the rest of day OR change my mindset. 

Most simply put, do NOTHING or do SOMETHING.

Sitting on the couch with my trusty art journal and sack of pens and markers propped up on the side table, I chose the latter.

Wrestling with the sharp black line of my trusty pen, the interpreter between my heart and mind, I was determined to cleanse my mind and refresh my body with a journal smack down. 

I proceeded to scribble down the crap that swirled in my mind how my whole body felt tired, neck stiff, back jacked up.  I honestly tuned in to the mind talk and the body’s physical talk.  Then what came next was transformative. 

“Now what?” I asked myself.  How do I completely say goodbye and rid myself of this so as to make way for the giving and receiving of the day’s forthcoming blessings? 

I sat in silence.  Nothing came to me.  A quick “oh great” slipped across my mind.  I then closed my eyes and sank into the mind and body speak that was present.





Still, nothing came to me.  No images, no words, no thoughts.  I simply sat with the ick.



I asked myself, “How would you rather be feeling right now?”



And then my heart spoke.


Ahh…..I breathed a quiet tempered sigh of relief, as I began letting go of the cranky feelings that succumbed me only a few minutes earlier.  I continued to sit on the word grateful. I let GRATEFUL repeat several times in my mind and again tuned in to my body’s sensations. I felt comforted and warmed by the new sensations, a welcomed sendoff from the cold groggy sleepy push off I had received a short time ago.

A stream of consciousness continued to scribble from my pen.  I felt grateful for my breath, sight, vocal chords, muscles, nerves, and even hunger pangs. I felt gratitude for the gift of life each of these gave me.  Kissed by confidence for all that is good, I felt ready to step forward into the day recharged and ready.

What would have happened had I not opened my heart & chosen GRATEFUL?  What possibilities would I have missed out on?

You have a choice in every moment for how to react to the world around you.  Make the choice to slow down, honor what’s going on within, so you can then turn it around and go forth with purpose and meaning.  There are big possibilities in store for you. 

How do you choose to be in the world?


Share your story.

The Gutsy Girl Club's mission is to bring out the best in all girls.  In a world which is bombarded by negative messaging & a portrayal of unrealistic ideals - too many people suffer in silence as they grapple with how to live up to unwieldy expectations.  What is needed are stories filled with truth, honesty, and creativity to show them a different way.

I encourage you to SHARE YOUR STORY and empower others to bring out their best.

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