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Girl Talk: Self-Identity & Connection


Lesson #1: How To Build Self-Confidence (See Awesomeness)

Every girl has strengths that, believe it or not, are even more valuable than courage… and finding strength-building opportunities could be the difference between navigating girlhood and soaring through girlhood. Listen to find out what to do…

The big takeaways:

  • My “10-second” trick for getting over my fear of messing up once we start connecting.
  • How to decide if you should script your conversations… or just wing it.
  • My process for coming up with new opportunities with my girls.



Heather Freeman, Chief Gutsy Girl

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the most important thing that you want to emphasize with your girl right now, now that you know how to help reveal her true identity? Leave your comments below.


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  • Heather Freeman
    commented 2018-02-14 10:09:06 -0700
    @KarenMcGee great question. And an important one that needs a deep look to unravel the problem and define a solution. I’m going to add this to the next lesson and address fully in the upcoming lesson.
  • Karen McGee
    commented 2018-02-13 19:52:19 -0700
    I want her to believe how loveable and kind she is. Adults can see this in her. They tell me all the time that they are amazed by her kindness and compassion. We see this and tell her all the time how much we and other adults value her.
    But honestly, other kids don’t seem to be attracted to the kind kids. It almost isn’t cool to be kind. How do we instill in her the belief that there will be kids who value kindness in her future?
    She knows who the popular kids are. She says, without saying, that she isn’t one of them. How do we help her believe she is one of a kind and valued when the kids at school don’t send the same message back?