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Four Foundational Pillars to the Life of a Gutsy Girl

You have the Power.


You have what it takes to a live the life of a gutsy girl, but sometimes you experience set-backs along the way.  This 90 day program of self-discovery teaches you how to have fun while understanding the essential elements of becoming all you can be.

This program begins with the you of today and shows you the mindset, tools, and skills you need to fulfill your deepest desires.

How this works

The life of a Gutsy Girl is based on four foundational pillars and consists of 12 weekly lessons emailed directly to your inbox each Monday. 

  • A Room of One's Own. Learn how to choose the ideal way of being that inspires & energizes you.  Uncover the place where you get your power and take a trip to dreamland to discover what it is that you want more of.
  • The Heart of a Gutsy Girl.  Bolster your confidence and learn to deal with your "gremlins" as you connect with your heartfelt authentic voice.
  • The Mirror Test. Get in touch & connect with your strengths, core values, and motivation for wanting something more and better.
  • Speak Your Truth.  Learn to create and share your new story - the new ways in which you see yourself and your way of being in the world.

Each week be Inspired! Learn new ways to nurture the best in you and celebrate your successes along the way!



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