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Boldly go where you’ve never gone before. 


Join as a FOREVER GUTSY MEMBER and build your daughter’s confidence while creating a relationship that stands the test of time.

About Membership

FOREVER GUTSY is a year long membership program, supporting women during their daughter’s most critical stage of development – when a girl's true identity is unfolding and she is more fully coming into herself. 

If you are tired of shouting all the time, fearful that your daughter will come to hate you, or simply want to find a better way, but just not sure how – you're in the right place.  FOREVER GUTSY is the place where women come to discover ways that best support her daughter’s growing independence in positive & nurturing ways and build a relationship that grows in strength as she gets older.

Benefits of Membership:

√ Gain Clarity

√ Increase & Harness Her Self-Confidence

√ Increase Communication

√ Establish a Deeper Connection

√ Enjoy the Every Day

…..and experience true joy & success!





Personalized Coaching


  • 7 Monthly Conversation Kickstarters – talking points for getting the conversation going about the hard stuff with your daughter.

  • 7 Monthly Conversation Kickstarters – talking points for getting the conversation going about the hard stuff with your daughter.

  • 7 Monthly Empowerment Action Guides for building confidence with your daughter + Bonus Summer Action Guide.

  • 7 Monthly Empowerment Action Guides for building confidence with your daughter + Bonus Summer Action Guide.

  • 12 Mo. Access to Private Girl Chat Community

  • 12 Mo. Access to Private Girl Chat Community

  • Monthly Member Challenges

  • Monthly Member Challenges

  •  Member Discount to Special Events
  • Member Discount to Special Events

  • Regular Accountability Check-ins


  • 50 Powerful Reads to Boost Your Daughters Confidence


  • Top 20 Questions Every Mom Should Ask Her Daughter


  • 30 minute BE HER SheHERO Laser Coaching Call
Pre-Sale Purchase: $96 yr.*
Sign on BONUS: + 2 Free Months
(by September 5th)
Pre-Sale Purchase: $136 yr. *
Sign on BONUS: + 2 Free Months
(by September 5th)

After September 5:
$120 yr. *

After September5:
$169 yr. *

 *Bring a friend and receive a FREE


(Valued at $250)

Crisis Management for Mom's - cash in when you need it most.

Membership Level

Where we are all SheHEROES in training.


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  Inspiration, Knowledge, Tools, Support


 Connect with your power, build her confidence,

& enjoy more happy moments  

–  all in one place.


Membership Level


Enjoy More:


√  JOY


What is the greatest gift you can give another person?  Is it love, is it hope, or is it inspiration?  Although all of these are extremely valuable, perhaps the most valuable gift you can give her is YOU.  All of you.  Having the courage to boldly be you is what your daughter needs most.  Accepting one's imperfections & limitations, ....nurturing one's vulnerabilities, isn’t that what we desire to teach every child, isn't this the true definition of the kind of Super Hero our kids need to be?

What does COURAGE look like? More important, what does it feel like?  Courage is the ability to fully embody and honor the fears and self-doubt that naturally creep up in our lives.  It is choosing to not hide behind any masks or limitations, including the limitations we put on ourselves and especially the pressures we feel from others.  Standing strong in who you are allows others to remove their masks as well.  Being immersed in one's confidence goes beyond time and space.  It is in this bold way of being that defines her as a Gutsy Girl, and it is a gift that can be shared with everyone.  Recognizing and honoring the best that is in both you & your daughter transcends all fears and all differences between you, and creates a celebrated bond that exudes happiness & success.

Key Features:

√ Uncover the secrets to connecting her to her confidence, unleashing her power, & enjoying more from your relationship

√ Receive access to Conversation Kickstarters & Action Guides

√ Get pampered with encouragement and advice that is helpful and easy to act on

√ Pump up the Fun Factor with Monthly Challenges

√ Receive access to the PRIVATE Gutsy Girl Community

√ Receive the ART OF A GUTSY GIRL BONUS and learn the essentials to standing strong when faced with conflict

√ Earn Super Girl Powers which allow you to unlock special bonus prizes and even deeper discount savings on programs & events




Join by September 5th & receive the ART OF A GUTSY GIRL EBook* Bonus


 *Learn what you need to have in place to nurture confidence in your daughter’s life and enjoy abundant happiness.

Let Us Help You Build Her Confidence and Change Her Life

 Plus much, much…..more!

Jump in and join in on the fun anytime during the year. 

Don’t Fight the Super Hero in You….

Become One.

Love it in 30 Days or Your Money Back

100% Guarantee

The amount of education, inspiration, advice, and networking you’ll get from the FOREVER GUTSY program is off the charts. And at around a dollar a day, it’s also a steal.

For less than one visit to a therapist office a month, you get instant access to all the go-to resources, learning opportunities, activities, guides, and exclusive bonuses, and discounts on live events & improve your life for the better.

The Gutsy Girl Club is here to change your life and transform the way you show up in the world.

Here's how it all goes down.

I practice what I preach.  I walk the talk.  Feeling good and exuding happiness is in my blood and it’s what I do best.  I live what I teach. You get the point.  So I believe this membership offering simply MUST be life-changing and personally-rewarding for you. Otherwise, we're not serving each other and changing the world, are we?

So, register today. Then invest in yourself.  Dig in as soon as you receive access.  Try it for 30 days. Dive in and explore with the program activities and exercises.  Show up.  Be present.  Scoop up and take advantage of everything you can.  And if you don't think I'm delivering ginormous value, high-level authentic wellness success, - then get a full refund, keep the downloaded materials – and I will happily refund 100% of your money. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Why try it for at least 30 days?  Because I know that if you invest in yourself and do the work, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value, then I don’t deserve your money and I will cheerfully refund you.

The Gutsy Girl Club is only here to serve the customers we are well suited for. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of all of our programs and our reputation as a leader in this industry.

That's how it works. It's the way we run our businesses in an abundant world.

So, my friend, you have NOTHING to lose. (Well, except staying stuck, feeling overwhelmed, or stressed out. But hey, maybe you're down with that!)


Membership Level


inspiration.jpg  knowlege.jpg  tools.jpg  support.jpg    

Inspiration, Knowledge, Tools, Support

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