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Dear mom who worries she’s messing up

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There is a pile of laundry sitting crumpled in the dryer. For the last 3 days.

The dishes are stacked a mile high next to the sink. Crusty & dirty.

I snapped & lost my temper. Again.

Late. Late. Late. I can’t seem to get anywhere on time. Even if my life depended on it.

Cranky. I just feel cranky.

Sam lied to me this afternoon.  I almost lost my mind.

I tried to think myself off the couch and onto the floor to play with my kids….but I can’t do it. So here I sit. 

Failure. It’s a billboard in my mind.  Everything I do feels like a let-down.

By the end of the day all my failures stand out like a sore thumb and leaves me with a sense of worry & doubt.  Worry that I’ll never be able to figure this out.  Doubt that I’ll ever get my act straight. That I’m messing up and messing up my kids. 

If this is you……


And listen up.

I’m here to tell you that A. You’re not alone. B. Things will get better.

But first you have to…..


Permission to not get it all right. Permission to be messy. Permission to be tired, stressed out, or exhausted.

Because even if you were the hypothetical perfect mother, there is no guarantee that your child will be perfect and have the perfect life. She is her own little being with an independent will, outlook, dreams, and personality. You and I – for a split moment in time get to be her guide, cheerleader, and got your back protector, but when the time comes.....which it will, she will leave the nest to fly on her own, sigh, that’s inevitable – and you won't be able to hit replay to do it over.

A girl's success isn’t based on the things that you do - like the 10 loads of laundry cleaned, folded, placed in their drawers........ Rather it’s the ability to manage the tension between living in the mess of life and rising above.

Success is not dependent on how successful your day is.

Everything you’re doing is enough.

Give yourself permission to laugh, to play on the floor with your children instead of moving on to the next task waiting to be checked off of a never-ending to-do list. Our girls are begging for our attention but we’ve allowed ourselves to be held hostage by the doing.






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