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Certified Mentor Primer Thank You


Thank you so much for your interest The Art of a Gutsy Girl Mentor Certification Program.  The Gutsy Girl Club believes empowerment is critical to ensure the successful development of today's young girls.  Yet, it is often difficult for high impact mentors to find the time to pull together the resources, time, and energy so they can provide a meaningful and memorable experience for young girls on their own.  The Gutsy Girl Club's Empowerment Camp provides a unique opportunity for high impact mentors and women to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young girls, expand a girl's social network, create an opportunity to socialize, and create a safe, fun space for girls to be accepted for who they are.

The certification primer that I'm going to give you is also the real deal; there are 8 emails in all. It's a primer to what becoming a Certified Gutsy Girl Mentor entails & is based on the personal growth system I teach in The Art of a Gutsy Girl Mentoring Program. You'll be able to identify these emails by the subject line. They will always start with [GG Mentor Certification].

Together, we can always do more.  I sincerely hope you join our team and together we'll be leaving a bigger positive imprint in the world.

Reach for more,

Heather Freeman

P.S. If you have any questions, at any time, please feel free to write me at heather@gutsygirlclub.com or call 860-882-2502.

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