Step 2. Let Go Have Fun

Welcome back! In Step 1. we learned how to make it easy on yourself.

Step 2. is all about letting go and having fun. The result will be a set of 52 cards with a decorative backing and which are prepped with a base layer (or two or three) of paint.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your base layer for your cards. In this video I show you the most basic and simplest way to create your base. 


  • Gesso
  • Paint Brush or Old Credit Card
  • Your Favorite Acrylic Paints
  • Jug o' water
  • Texture Tools - think bubble wrap, the inner ribbed layer of cardboard, the plastic mesh bags those cute little clementines come in.

step_2_gesso.jpg step_2_gesso3.jpg step_2_layer1.jpg

TIPS: At this point in the process it's time to dive in, brave one. Give yourself permission to get messay, let go....and HAVE FUN!  Need a little help?  Head on over to the Card Deck Swap Facebook Group for support & inspiration!


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