Be Her Guide - Gutsy Girl Club

Empower with Confidence

Do you want to nurture her confidence in ways that strengthen your bond AND gives you peace of mind that she’ll be ok out in the real world? Then check out the “Be Her Guide” Training TODAY.


In the Gutsy Girl Club’s BE HER GUIDE Training, I’m sharing a straightforward, proven approach to make it happen.

You’ll learn:

➤ What girls need most when stepping out into the world on their own.  
➤ 3 key factors that separate girls who “make it” from those who don’t
➤ How to master the skills you need to help her build confidence and that gives you the freedom you crave
➤ A clear, straightforward plan to boost her confidence and inspire more smiles
➤ And tons more!

Registration for 2018 has closed.

This course opens for enrollment annually in the Winter each year. Click here to jump on our wait list.