Empowerment Camp

Gutsy Girl Empowerment Camp

The Gutsy Girl Empowerment Camp is a fun & engaging summer camp designed to celebrate all that is fabulous about young girls as they grow & develop into their most courageous, bold, and authentic selves.  At Gutsy Girls, we combat the negative outside forces of the world, take the fear out of dealing with the changes in relationships, and create a safe supportive space for young girls. 

Statistics show that by the age of 9, the majority of young girls reach their peak level of self-esteem.  As they enter the emotionally demanding preteen and teenage years this girls battle a high level of stress associated with self-doubt and lack of confidence. 

The science shows, girls with a higher level of self-esteem and strong foundation of confidence:

  • Stand up for themselves and are better able to withstand peer pressure and make decisions with their own best interests in mind. 
  • Are at ease in social situations.
  • Ask for help.     
  • Experience increased performance in school & with extracurricular activities. 
  • Enjoy more happiness. 
  • Face new challenges with a higher level of ease.


 Gutsy Girl Camp


The Gutsy Girl Club is committed to:

  • Increasing girls' self-confidence.     
  • Teaching skills that support a girl’s ability to deal with and work through conflict.
  • Encourage girls to stand strong in all that she is, even when faced with challenges.


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