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The Be Her Guide Mentor Program

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What is The Be Her Guide Mentor Program?

The Be Her Guide Mentor Program is a customizable curriculum for moms, teachers, and leaders of all kinds to help the girls in their life connect — and identify, their definition of brave. This is where heart meets world and where inner reflects outer identity.

This program makes it incredibly easy to support girls one-on-one or in a group setting for the girl in your life (with her friends if you so choose) who you want to have the confidence to step out and use their lioness voice.

How does The Be Her Guide Mentor Program work?

You register to be a mentor and get a license to facilitate The Gutsy Girl Club work, plus get instant access to a digital library of clear and beautiful activity sheets and curricula, that you can start using right away, for in-person one-on-one work or gatherings of various sizes, lengths, and time.

This curriculum can be customized to best support your girl and your mentoring approach and style. Blend it with your own work. Dice it up to sync with your girls’ confidence arc. You can make this content the center of your offering or just one part of your magic tool kit.

Who is the program for?

This program is for moms, teachers, and leaders, who want tools to take their girl in a more heart-centered direction, that also includes the practicalities of friendship, being female, and growing up.

If you’re already a positive influence (you’re awesome and we adore you), this program works brilliantly with what you're doing. Positive Influence + Confidence strengthening = Unstoppable.


What’s included in the program?

As a Be Her Guide Mentor, you get:


1. One-on-One Girl Mentorship Guide

Whether you’re connecting at the bus stop, in the car, over dinner, or some other every day time, this guide has everything you need to connect with your girl. You’ll have all the materials, worksheets, detailed journal exercises, plus talking tips and optional exercises to create a full Gutsy Girl experience.


2. In-Person Group Gathering Playbook & Curriculum

We’ve created an in-person experience that maximizes group dynamics and a sense of safety in a group space. With flexible curriculum that can be stretched out over days or even weeks, you can tailor the facilitation material to meet the needs of each group.

And because you’ll be facilitating in an in-person format, we also give you activity sheets you can use to engage girls in your sessions, highlight key learning points, and help facilitate games and exercises. You also get content and graphics to use in keeping the parents of your girls connected with your gatherings happenings.


3. The Gutsy Girl Gatherings Online Workshop

Strengthen your voice. Prioritize what’s meaningful. Define courage — on your own terms. A digital workshop for Mamas & Role Models. This digital workshop is yours when you become a Gutsy Girl Mentor Gatherings Facilitator. Wrap yourself up in the work as you guide others through their own journey of courage on their terms.


4. Activity Sheets

Each curriculum gathering corresponds to gathering activity sheets you will weave into your gatherings + meet up times. These activity sheets can be printed out and distributed in-person. Pick and choose separately, or bundle and give them as a journal — your choice.


5. Menu of Magic & Exercises

You also get an extra workbook of lesson plans and outlines to use in your gatherings or to customize the experience for your girls.


6. Mentor License

This license is permission to: teach this work, make money off of it, promote it and your other offerings to expand and grow your girl reach. We want this to be a part of how you bring powerful, transformational work to those you serve, while deepening satisfaction and growing abundance in your own life.


7. Promotional Toolkit

We give you gorgeously branded promo materials to use for marketing: graphics, badges, #dailydares, and even suggested outreach copy.


8. The Gutsy Girl Ebook

You have access to The Gutsy Girl ebook for easy reference.


9. Super Affiliate Partner Status

As a Gutsy Girl Gatherings Mentor, you will automatically be set up as a Super Affiliate Partner. Helloooo passive income. When people use your affiliate link to buy eligible products from the, you make money on all of the retail products, additional FSS licenses, and programs you sell. Those monthly commissions can really add up.


10. Retail Discount

As a Gutsy Girl Gatherings Mentor, you can purchase all physical Gutsy Girl Club products (books, lunchbox notecards, wall art, journals, etc.) at 30% off. For most items, the minimum wholesale order quantity is twelve. So you can earn extra cash by selling the items at a merch table (at retail cost) at an in-person gathering. Alternatively, you can include some items in the cost of the workshop, or give them away as a thank-you. It’s up to you!



I've hosted countless gutsy girl gatherings. And you know, every single one of them was an honor. Really. When a girl describes her strengths to's really a heart-warming experience. You're getting invited into her world. And it's a big deal. It's an even bigger deal to help her tap into her passions and remove the blocks to who she wants to be.

Girls, butterflies unfurling her wings, girl bosses in training ....who need a confidence boost, or just girls hungry to be seen and heard in the world....they all thrive with meaningful experiences and engaged listening. That's your job. And honor.

Pave the way, gutsy girls.

Questions? Scroll down for the FAQ.

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What is the best approach as a mentor?
To be the “guardian” of a Gutsy Girl or Gutsy Girl Gathering.  In other words, to hold space for girls to feel safe and comfortable in being and sharing themselves. To bring relevant themes, interesting activities, and create a safe space for them to express themselves and how they show up every day in their lives. Girls most appreciate and respond to Mentors who refrain from lecturing, or giving advice, and rather, ask questions that encourage them to uncover answers and express their own ideas.

What qualifications do I need to be a mentor?
Mentors are adults who have taken the Be Her Guide Mentor Training. The most important qualification is to be a person who young girls can trust to be caring, a great listener, responsible for keeping the climate emotionally comfortable for girls, and to know when to involve other community members as resources for the group and any individual member should the need arise.
Mentors’ backgrounds and skills are most often simply in being a parent and/or in the helping professions and education, such as artists, teachers, nurses, counselors, therapists, social workers. People who care about young girls and provide the attention, dedication, positive attitudes, and legal and ethical responsibilities that are integral to the Gutsy Girl Gatherings, are generally well qualified to receive the training and provide mentorship to girls.

How many girls should I have in my Gutsy Girl Gathering and what should the age range be?
One is a magical number if you'd like to keep the fun between you and the special girl in your life.  Eight seems to be a magic number for gatherings geared towards girls and her friends. Gutsy Girl Gatherings between six and eight is common. With larger groups it is very helpful to co-facilitate groups or invite a teen helper. Try to keep girls within a one or two year age difference, or close in their developmental stages. While there are some groups in which girls range in ages of up to four years difference, generally older youth have a longer attention span for listening, are experiencing developmentally different worlds while younger girls are interested in a good balance of activity and sharing. Girls want and need to relate to one another, so it is best to try to match them up developmentally when possible.

What’s the best way for me to create safety and trust, and nurture bonding in my gathering?
If you have ever participated in a group of any kind yourself, you know that expectations communicated at the onset of the group set the stage for the group and for the development of these important characteristics to develop over the life of Gutsy Girl Gatherings. They also take skill, focus, and dedication on the mentor's part, and the involvement of the group. From the very first day you meet with girls they are invited to create an agreement about the behaviors they need and want from each other in order to feel emotionally safe. Strategies are developed within the group to support the positive climate that aligns needs with behaviors. The mentor then acts consistently to encourage positive interactions and to discourage behaviors that interfere with safety, trust, and bonding. Fortunately, young girls really want these attributes, and when they are able to participate in setting the limits and defining the goals of the group, they are willing to bring their best relationship abilities to the gathering. Girls end up helping each other to show the kind of respect they want to be shown themselves.

Should I charge for participation in Gutsy Girl Gatherings?
That is certainly an option, and a decision for you to make. Gutsy Girl Gatherings are incredibly rewarding experiences for mentors, but many also receive fees for their services in order to make gatherings sustainable.  Some adults who want to independently start gatherings in their communities do charge anywhere from $10 to $50 per session depending on the economics of their community, the length of the gathering, and what parents can reasonably afford. Others are able or interested to facilitate gatherings on a voluntary basis.

It is our hope and vision that every girl who wants to participate in a gathering can access one. We hope that barriers can be avoided wherever possible. Sliding scale or scholarships are often essential components of a strong and healthy program.

What about parents? How can parents be involved and support their girl's experience?
Supporting a girl's experience in a gathering is an important role.

  • Mentors can host an orientation for parents, and share gathering happenings.
  • Mentors can share the purpose of gatherings and what is expected of girl members - time, place, attendance, and participation.
  • Mentors can encourage girls to share the general topic of a gathering with their parents, and invite them to talk with them about the topic and the activities they engaged in whenever they wish to do so.
  • Mentors can encourage parents to communicate with them about concerns that arise for their girl.
  • Some mentors invite parents to gatherings to promote awareness, discussion and ways in which parents can maintain positive relationships with their daughters throughout pre-adolescence.
  • Mentors could invite parents to join the Gutsy Girl Club to receive additional support as their girl participates in Gutsy Girl Gatherings.

When does the training start? April 16th.

Here Are The Relevant Dates for Your Calendar

•    Module 1 - Your Gutsy Girl, April 16th
•    Module 2 - A Girl Who Speaks Her Truth, April 23rd
•    Module 3 - Conversations That Work, April 3oth
•    Module 4 - Design A Winning Communication Plan, May 7th
•    Implementation Week/Office Hours - May 14th
•    Module 5 - Increase Her Confidence & Grow Her Social Network, May 21st
•    Module 6 - Master Unrelenting Confidence, May 28th
•    Implementation & Graduation Week/Office Hours - June 4th


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have paid for, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund or credit your charge card for what you paid for the course or courses.