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One of my favorite artists is Sara Barielles. 

On many occasion my two daughters and I have cranked up her song ‘Brave’ and lit up the dance floor in our family room.   

Sara wrote the song for a friend whom she wanted to “feel that there was a space and love for her to be loved and be authentic, exactly who she was.” 

The thought that someone would ever feel there is NOT room on this earth for her authentic expression of one’s self is heartbreaking to me.  And as a mom of two young girls I never want them to feel this way.   

Here's what I recommend.....

Within each moment is an opportunity to share one’s brave.  To be vulnerable, be authentic, to do things outside the norm. Being brave doesn’t mean not being afraid, rather it’s turning the fear around and facing it head on.

When one gets out their brave it is awe-inspiring and empowering.

Grab hold of the moments she shows her brave and celebrate them with raptor.  Don't let a moment go by that you don't open your eyes to noticing her way of being in the world that lights her up and let's her shine. 


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