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The Art of a Gutsy Girl ebook

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The Art of a Gutsy Girl

Parenting & girl coaching book…
for heart-centered mammas and mentors.

This is a practical + Heart-Centered guide to help people tap their nurturing power and their creative thinking, their mojo and their fun-making capacity. This guide comes with coaching support that you can use immediately as part of your own parenting techniques, to help you and your girl define success on your own terms.




How does The Art of a Gutsy Girl Ebook work?

You download the guide. You help girls build some brave powers. The guide includes detailed step-by-step strategies, worksheets, and journal exercises to do with your girl.  — you can use them all or take your pick.

Who is the guide for?

This program is for parents, mentors, and teachers who want strategies to take a girl's confidence to the next level, that also includes the care and attention of relationship building.

If you’re already a Gutsy Girl Club Member (you’re awesome and I adore you), this guide works brilliantly alongside what you're already doing. Strong Connection  + Confidence clarity = Unstoppable.

What’s included in the guide?

As an Art of a Gutsy Girl Reader, you get:

  •     The Art of a Gutsy Girl ebook for easy download and referencing
  •     Online Coaching Support
  •     Activities to do with your girl
  •     Strategic Calendar for Planning Your Fun 



I’ve had hundreds of Girl Power Sessions. And you know, every single one of them was an honour. Really. When your daughter sends their answers to Conversation Starters back to you…it’s a really heartwarming experience. You’re getting invited inside of her world. And it’s a really big deal. It’s an even bigger deal to help her dream big and set her desires into motion for accomplishing what she sets out to achieve.

Moms, dads, grandmothers, aunties, artists, teachers, who need a fresh take, or just humans hungry to know more about how to connect deeply with others…they all flourish with meaningful questions and engaged listening. That’s your job. And honour.

Light the way, gutsy girls.

Questions? Scroll down for the FAQ.

If you’re ready, download now by clicking here.

All Love,