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Absolute possibility


Leading up to the birth of my daughter I was overwhelmed with the thought of failure.  How was I to care for another human being when I myself had been left to wander aimlessly amongst my own sea of emotions? 

At the time, the idea that I had the power within me to love so deeply was shadowed by fear and uncertainty.  Yet through the life of this child I would discover, my gentle yet awkward hands could unwrap the twisted ball of vulnerability that lay deep in my heart.  The powerless dance I engaged in with my own mother could and would evolve into a rhythmic and richly gratifying dance with my own child.

When your aha moment arrives - will you be ready to hear it?  Will you be open to discovering a new improved you?  I hope so.  You deserve to lead a life full of love - it's your destiny. 

Maybe your moment is now.

Share your story.

The Gutsy Girl Club's mission is to bring out the best in all girls.  In a world which is bombarded by negative messaging & a portrayal of unrealistic ideals - too many people suffer in silence as they grapple with how to live up to unwieldy expectations.  What is needed are stories filled with truth, honesty, and creativity to show them a different way.

I encourage you to SHARE YOUR STORY and empower others to bring out their best.

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