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Welcome brave friend,

We are the Gutsy Girl Club.

Our story begins as a once upon a time, with a spunky little girl whose giggles made music and smile lit up the room. Who deep down knew the world was her playground.

She ran fast, she jumped high, and explored far.

She believed she could do anything… be anything.

As her legs grew taller and her steps took her farther, the world would tell her otherwise: Don’t run too fast or you could get lost! Don’t jump too high or you could get hurt! Don’t play too hard - it's not ladylike!

Silly girl, people don't just do anything, so don’t even try!

Her beautiful, colorful, happy world began to darken. She stopped jumping, running, and playing big. She kept herself from being seen.

Until one day, she became a mother. This mama, who had just tackled the greatest physical feat felt a shift under her feet. With her little one nestled in her arms she was reminded of how fragile life could be. And in contrast, how hard the world is.... and yet, how much it asks of each of us --to rise above

As her girl grew, she remembered what it was like to run and jump and play. To feel the warm sun and wild wind in her hair. She fought the urge to say “Be quiet!” or “Stop exploring!” and instead began to be wild and free again too.

She looked at all the mothers around her—doing their best, like her, to raise the standard, define a new generation, clear an easier path in the name of love, joy and freedom; the universal driving force they couldn’t deny—and she felt so thankful to be a part of this Tribe.

Finally, the genetic scars of her world began to heal and her truth came into focus. She realized that she as not solo on her journey, because every step she took, a mother stepped alongside with her, and everywhere she went, a little girl followed.

From every walk of life, stretching from every corner of the earth, for as long as the mamas have had babies, there is one universal truth, and we hope to share it here, with you:)





I believe brave parents and mentors who want girls to be successful in today's complex world MUST become master observers, listeners, and cheerleaders.

How can you find the time to do this while running a household… while working a job… while pursuing your passions? Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on so called "fluff" strategies, subscribe to the Gutsy Girl Club (it’s free).




The Gutsy Girl Club was founded by Heather Freeman. Heather is an expert girl advocate and mother perfecting the imperfections of motherhood every day.

After promoting different health behaviors in various populations (seniors, adults, children), she's refocused on what she loves most: Promoting and Advocating for Women & Girls.

You’ll find that her approach to confidence is effective. She developed it over the past few years, and it has helped her raise two wildly confident girls, one of which ran over 10 miles to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain peak in a single day.

More specifically, she uses the perfect blend of evidence based behavior coaching (conversations, academic research, and positive psychology) and creative expression to help moms help girls navigate the ups and downs of girlhood.

"Thank you for your beautiful, honest and very helpful Gutsy Girl Club as I raise my 3 girls.  Your honest sharing has helped me immensely to be a better Mom and continue to raise independent, self-confident, positively contributing young women.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this journey of parenting girls.  You are a tremendous help."




Our commitment to girl power.......

This club is made from 100% organic confidence.  Our club pumps up and empowers over 99% of girl power from within. And we support girls with tools and strategies for bringing out their best, through things like journaling, creative art activities, and adventurous outings.

and moms.

The Gutsy Girl Club is proud to support moms, a leading, life-long support & mentor who protects the beauty and hearts of the girls in their lives. We are committed to moms because we believe an empowered mom leads to happier and healthier girls.



Step your confidence game up. Join for free along with hundreds of others.

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