A cup of joe, allergy emergency, and a sleep deficit mom

It’s midweek. We’re settled back into the grind.  Girls are in school after spring break, I’m back to work.  Lunches get packed, kids are driven to school, and it’s looking like there’s just enough time to jump on that webinar. …… No time for breakfast for myself.  Will have to survive on that cup of coffee for a while.

 ‘BBBZZzzzz’  My phone rattles.  Interruption #1.  If I’m lucky it will be the only one for today.  I pick up the call – it’s from my youngest daughter’s school.  Allergies are raging.  I drop everything and drive to school to deliver some meds.  By the time I get home, it’s lunch time.  I snatch the last yogurt from the fridge and am reminded I need to get to the grocery store (mental note taken). 

By the time I sit down again, my afternoon is in full swing.  Pushing through the groggy mid-day slump I get distracted by a ‘Blip.’ I pick-up a text – it’s my oldest this time.  What could it be now?

“Jenny was mean to me at lunch.  She wouldn’t let me sit with her at lunch.”

Ugh – this new drama has crept up in my daughter’s life.  She’s having friend-related trouble at school.  I know it's something she has to deal with, but I feel so sad for her.

Before I know it, it’s time for pick up and I haven’t ticked off half the things on my To-Do List.  As I sit in the wait line she meanders toward the car. She looks like she’s ready to spill a gallon of tears…….

The car door cracks open, she hops in.  I’m scared to ask, “How was your day?”  Then, before the car door shuts closed, it’s as if the canon ball had been lit – she dives right into how Jenny, her bestie has given her the cold shoulder – doesn’t want anything to do with her. At lunch, during art class, at all.

Behind the driving wheel, I’m exhausted. Tired from all I’d done (and stressed from all I didn’t get to) during the day already. Now, with this ticking time bomb on my lap I felt weighted down. Running on stress and adrenaline, my joints hurt and it makes me feel run down all over. 

As I grasp the wheel, I take a deep breath in.


And gently remind myself – You are stronger than you think.

You can handle this. You can be the container for her sadness, grief, frustration.  She needs you to be there for her. She needs you to help center her storm.

Digging deep – it’s something we do as mothers on a regular basis.  Our girls need us – they need us to be there, to listen, to go with them into the trenches of friendship horror.  So let today be a reminder, that you Got This Girl!  You are stronger than you think!


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