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90 Day Art of Gutsy Girl


We live in a world where it is tough to show one's true colors. 

Most of us have learned over time to turn parts of ourselves off because either these parts weren’t acceptable, they scared someone else, or they made someone feel less about themselves.  Without even knowing it, you could now be shutting off those parts in someone else. 

The Art of a Gutsy Girl Program is designed help you break the cycle, connect with your strengths, and change the way you bring out the best in others.  It will give you information you need to feel more energized than ever and it will give you the strategies, techniques, and tips needed to set yourself up for success.  If you already know what to do but aren’t doing it, you'll be inspired into action and held accountable so you create a way of being that brings you a bountiful of joy.

From a spiritual perspective I believe that if you believe in what is possible, if you have a desire to be present, and if there are ways you want to be present which feeds your soul, then you are meant to experience abundant joy.  Not kinda, sort, because it might come your way if you're lucky, but because you were meant to – that’s the way the universe is set up if you are in the business of believing in your true potential.  If you don’t understand this now, you will when you have completed this 90 Day Ecourse and begun to follow the Gutsy Girl way.

This 90 Day Program is based on our signature formula for success & organized into 4 Modules

  1. A Room of One's Own
  2. Heart of a Gutsy Girl
  3. The Mirror Test
  4. The Moment of Truth

We will begin by building a foundation for a way of being present that is unshakable.  If you are truly serious about bringing out the best in girls in your life, you must have a steadfast foundation on which to stand. Once complete you will:

  • Be looked up to as a Super Hero,
  • Be ready to create and implement an empowerment strategy for her to build strong, unstoppable relationships with a high level of confidence and resilience. 
  • Help her make decisions about the every day that feed and nurture her body, mind, & soul.
  • Enjoy more of the mother-daughter journey, together. 

While you’ll no doubt get great value just from participating in this e-course, the true value – and your success – lies in your decision to take an active role and to participate fully by doing the exercises and taking the Gutsy Girl Action Steps I’ve outlined.  In doing so, you will begin an evolutionary journey of personal development that will empower you to achieve the success we both know you are capable of.

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*Each participant receives a FREE copy of the Art of a Gutsy Girl Book

The ECourse Starts, January 4th.

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