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LESSON 1: The 4 Foundations



We live in a world where it is tough to show one's true colors. We learn to turn off parts of ourselves because they aren’t acceptable, they scare someone else or they make someone else feel less about themselves. 

There are more ways than one (verbal and nonverbal) that over her lifetime, a girl is told that her true essence is not acceptable.

At a very young age, I had a strong sense for who I was. I was complimented often for my big, jovial smile and it became my signature feature. I loved to laugh, run and get lost in the woods. I was by all means, an incredibly happy kid. But over time, that same smile was something that hid a growing unhappiness and deep sense of self-doubt. Not until I was much older did I begin to uncover the reasons for this growing sense of self-doubt and unhappiness.

For many years, I continued to struggle with this disconnect between who I believed myself to be, who I wanted to be and who I was. This unsettling uncertainty reared its ugly head when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child.

On the day my first born arrived, something deep within me shifted.

I awoke to the fierce force of nature that lay dormant within me. I realized I had a choice. I had a chance to do things differently.

This was my moment of truth to be brave, to be strong.

From this moment forward and ever since, the magic began to unfold.

With each step of motherhood, I’ve learned to open the door to her true potential and this is what I will share with you. 

And it all starts with what I call the Gutsy Girl's 4 Foundations - the basics that every girl needs to thrive.

I don’t pretend to be perfect or to get it right all of the time. I can’t say that I still don’t stumble from time to time. But I can say without a doubt, that I am creating a my own path of mothering and giving my daughter something different...something more.

The Art of a Gutsy Girl is based on 4 Foundations.  They are:

  1. A Room of One’s Own. Choosing the ideal way of being that inspires and energizes.
  2. Heart of a Gutsy Girl. The place that speaks of her true self. 
  3. The Mirror Test. Seeing the strong girl she is.
  4. Moment of Truth. Withstanding the critical or decisive moments.

Every girl deserves the chance to be her best.

This framework is all about shining a light on all that is possible. Supporting a girl to believe in her inner beauty. And transcending all self-doubt to reveal her true colors.    

From a practical perspective, there may be two simple reasons why girls growing up in today’s world don’t have as much courage as they’d like. Either they don’t know what it is about themselves that sets them apart or they don’t know how to nurture their true essence in a world that demands them to be something else. 

The 4 Foundations are designed to help her solve both of these problems. The 4 Foundations create a clear, unobstructed path for success. If you already know what to do but aren’t doing it, these foundations inspire you into action and help you stay accountable so you create a way of being that brings the girl in your life a bounty of joy and freedom.Save


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