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31 things you might not know about me


  1. Becoming a mother was the biggest life changing force in my life and tops striking out on my own to live in Colorado, getting married, and running the Hawaii Ironman marathon. 
  2. Standing on the steps of motherhood was the most frightening thing ever, but an incredibly supportive husband, some good therapy, and the courage to reflect on my childhood pains helped me in so many beautiful ways. 
  3. While being a mom is ultimately the best job ever, there are some things I can do without like the endless cycle of doing laundry and running the dishwasher.  Fairy Godmaid, where are you?
  4. I have a strong marriage.
  5. My children and family are my greatest source of happiness.
  6. My graduating class of high school voted me as “Most Likely to Succeed.”  And I believe I have!  I have the most beautiful supportive family, I work with incredibly inspiring women at Adventures in Wellness, I live an incredibly adventurous life.
  7. My favorite season is spring when the overcast days of winter transcend into bright, warm days filled with the song of birds and the popping of flower and tree buds.
  8. I sing off key.  And what’s worse for those around me, I don’t care!  I happily sing anyway.
  9. I live happily on the east coast now, but Colorado is my first love and it will always have a special place in my heart.  It’s where I launched my life, discovered my true strengths, and fell in love with the outdoors.
  10. When asked what my favorite color is, well, I can’t say.  There are simply too many crazy beautiful colors to choose from.
  11. I believe the secret to a happy life is knowing who you are.
  12. I’m not outwardly religious, but deeply spiritual.
  13. I am also deeply sentimental. I believe it’s the little things in life that bring the most smiles.
  14. Oh My Gosh – here’s one, I snore. And not your typical nosey snore. I snore with my mouth wide open like a gaping abyss (so says my husband).  Sometimes I even wake myself up!
  15. I am unapologetic when it comes to cleaning house - I only clean the bathrooms when I expect company. 
  16. I’m lost without my health.  I turn into the biggest baby as soon as the sniffles hit or a headache comes on.
  17. And I am incredibly fearful of injury.  I really don’t know what I’d do with myself if I injured myself beyond repair.  However I am hopeful that if anything ever happened to me there would be people to lean on because I know of many inspiring people who have overcome physical challenges. 
  18. I love cooking and preparing healthy foods.  However when I’m too busy, this is one of the first things to go.
  19. I rarely make the same recipe twice.
  20. And speaking of cooking, I am useless without a recipe to follow.  I’m getting better and can whip up a few things from scratch, but for most things I need a recipe or else I will end up serving up something crazy gross.
  21. My youngest daughter, Zoe was born unexpectedly 2 hours away from home in Narragansett, RI because I just had to be at my father’s annual lobster festival.  I love lobster!
  22. One of the scariest things ever is the thought of losing my daughters and husband.
  23. My dream is to be an old wrinkly woman who rides her Schwinn bike around town.
  24. I love my music, but I am terrible at remembering song titles or artists.  I rely heavily on my favorites to pull me out of whatever kind of funk I’m in.  A few of my current go to’s are “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, “In Reverence” by David Tolk, and “Brave” by Sarah Barreilles,
  25. I have a hard time watching sports on TV because honestly, I’d rather be out doing them myself.  But I absolutely love watching events like the Ironman Triathlon.  The personal stories of courage, determination, and commitment of the race’s unsung heroes captivate and motivate me!
  26. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of being too much in my head.  When I get this way I realize I need to turn up the volume on my funny bone.  My favorite ways to get a good laugh are watching my husband with my girls. He is very silly.  Or I call up one of my best peeps, Courtney, who has a witty sense of humor. Or I stay up late to watch Jimmy Fallon. 
  27. I love a good adventure, however I’ve become a creature of comfort and I love being at home. It is truly the one place on earth where I feel most understood, cozy, and able to veg out and relax. 
  28. I believe less is more. 
  29. Learning about myself and returning to what truly makes me happy, is part of this constant, evolving adventure called life.
  30. Some things in life are way harder than I could have ever imagined, but the rewards are insurmountable. Like learning to forgive, love with compassion, and listen with empathy. 
  31. I believe there is always room to stretch yourself more, even when you think you pushed beyond your limits. 
  32. Bonus…..My heart is grateful. Grateful for thought opportunity to share myself with you, grateful for you reading this, and simply grateful for every breath, every moment.


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