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30 Day Gutsy Girl Challenge

A 30 day challenge in self-awareness for the things you love about yourself and that make you, well YOU!

I was inspired to create this challenge when a friend of mine shared a fun way her and her girlfriend had created to motivate acts of self-care.  Here’s what they came up with: every other day, my friend Amy would share one self-care idea with her friend. And every other day, her friend would share one with her.  So for instance, Amy challenged her friend to “take a bath and floss your teeth.”  And the next day her friend challenged Amy to “get dressed” (which if you know what it’s like for moms – it’s sometimes easier to stay in your pjs all day!).  They challenged each other to complete the daily challenge whether they were the one giving or receiving the challenge idea for the day. The brilliant thing about this is that both are moms to young girls and this was a way for them to help each other take care of themselves because their bigger goal was to be able to give their best to their children. They intuitively knew that in order to give their best to their children, they had to start with themselves. 

Just as in this season of life for Amy and her friend, it is also true for us gals to forget or put aside our own needs, desires, wants for the sake of others.  So this month has been created just for you. To reconnect with what is true for you.  Follow along daily on Facebook. You can even download your

Knowing yourself promotes confidence and a healthy positive self-image. Click here to download a PDF of the daily challenges to complete all throughout the month, and use the hashtag #GutsyGirlChallenge to stay connected on social media. Check, Facebook and Twitter to see who else is doing the challenge along with you! Share with a friend and challenge each other. Or, if you’re not one for social media or sharing, you can keep it as a private personal challenge!

Good luck, ladies!

Click here for a free download of the Gutsy-Girl Challenge!



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