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30 Day Art of a Gutsy Girl

"It takes COURAGE to grow up and turn out to become who you really are."  ee cummings


The Art of a Gutsy Girl depends on your courage to engage in life as the captain of your ship. 

It entails mustering the courage to:

  • compassionately take a look at yourself

  • believe that you matter, no matter what anyone else may think or say, and

  • connecting with what truly rocks about yourself

Its nurturing your child-like heart, and honoring your fears, so that you stand firm in recognizing that you are here for a reason, you are enough, and your contributions matter. 

This 30 Day Program will show you how to:

  • Wake Up Your Authentic Voice

  • Energize Your Spirit

  • Be Present in the Chaos

  • Increase Your Confidence & Overcome Fear & Self-Doubt

Join in on the banter, laughter, soul-enriching, & heel kickin' fun as we each find our way on the path of the Gutsy Girl life.

Enjoy a month packed full with mini lessons & activities, plus as a BONUS - get access to the Gutsy Girl Club's online community!


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