Helping her get through a tough situation is so much easier if you do this

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My daughter Bailey was nine when the Gutsy Girl Club got its start. She's now a freshman in high school.



After a beautifully relaxing, fun, and eventful 2-week holiday break together, this week she's diving into her first round of high school class finals.

She has an incredible work ethic (like her dad), but at the same time she can sometimes get herself way stressed out....which puts her dad and I into overdrive for instilling a sense of reality in order to tether her back to earth.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that as much as it helps to tell her she can get through whatever is in front of her, it's never enough - she's got to believe it for herself.

So, last night I encouraged her to write in her journal. Following is the prompt I gave her.

  • Write a message to yourself.
  • First, imagine what it's going to look and feel like when it's Friday and you've completed this week of finals.
  • Then write it down. Describe it.
  • And.... if you feel moved, draw a picture of yourself. Maybe you'll be jumping for joy, maybe you'll be giving a friend a high-five. Whatever it is - put it down in your journal.

She headed to her room, opened her journal, and did the exercise.

When I asked her how she felt afterwards, she said she felt positive about the first day and could see herself getting through the week.



A win, for sure.

She got up in the morning looking perky and well-rested (very different from the grumpster who has reared her head in the past).


Of course, I couldn't resist. I still tucked a word of mama encouragement into her bag before she left for school. :)

She matters and the way she shows up in the world matters.

Help her see how she has it within her to face anything. Give her the wings to fly.

All my best,


P.S. Want to tuck one of these cards into your girls backpack? Email me at & grab a sheet of You've Got This cards (a gift to you and your girl).

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Challenging. Amazing. Resilient. Action. 3 Things I did to rock bringing in the New Year.

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  1. Reflected on what made 2017, well 2017. One of the most meaningful ways for me to do this was to look at our 2017 family photos. We laughed and awed at all the amazing things we experienced and got to be a part of in the past year. Bailey climbing a 14,000 foot peak? Done! Zoe adventuring into the back-country on a bike packing trip with her friends? Accomplished! Josh reconnecting in nature? Too many hikes to count. And for me? What seemed like an insurmountable feat of running up (and then down) 17.1 miles between the mountain towns of Ouray and Telluride by way of 13,114 foot Imogene Pass. Check this one off the list!
  2. Celebrated the wins. Gained wisdom from the failures. Got to reconnect with friends & family in CT over the summer, celebrate my dad's big 7-0 Italy, and touch my toes in the ocean after a long hiatus. Failed launching a newly designed website, but learned how to work with what I have and use what is already working.  I racked up a mountain of library fines because I can't seem to get through a single book on time. Learned that I like supporting the library in my own unique way:) and that I could do better with prioritizing my to-do list (ha!).
  3. Looked forward to new horizons. I've come to love the changing over from one year to the next. There is a natural switch over that occurs and prompts me to take time to contemplate what my family and I want more of. As the clock ticked down and the new year turned we're looking forward to so many of the things that bring us joy and happiness like adventuring in our new vintage camper, creating arts and crafts together, cooking together, and being in nature.

I hope you take time to reflect, celebrate, and look forward to the year ahead so you can begin to set into motion what you desire most.

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Rock your new year

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As the sun sets on this past year I am reminded of the very moment my daughter was born.

The moment I made the promise to be her everything.

To teach her the wisdom which resides within,
to show her to have strength when facing challenges,
to help her unleash the power of her voice.

Over time I’ve watched her brilliantly step into her own way of being

She’s shown me what it means to walk in your own shoes,
to cry your own tears,
and how to light up a room with your own light.

And though many days have passed since that first day, I also know that her potential will continue to unravel. And I want to be there for her.

So, here I stand, at the turning page.

As promised on the day she was born, I recommit my heart & soul to walk with her on this journey, this journey of becoming.

This new year will bring on new opportunities, new experiences, new challenges.

It will require strength, foresight, resilience, patience, love, creativity and tenderness.

Join me. Together let’s give our girl’s the chance for being their best. The world needs them. Like never before.

Recommit…. or commit.

Either way, let's open up, let go, and step into the new year so we can ROCK IT!

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A Year of Girl Power

Thank you for telling us about your year in the club! You can contact the Gutsy Girl Club regarding this or for more information about our empowerment work by emailing us here.

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